1. You are a very talented person and I am going to ad you to my favorites

  2. nice pic...its really made with your hands?

  3. two thumbs up! Im a fan of aviation and so is your art!

    Good Day:)

  4. Hi,

    If I would like to use your pictures for my private blog, do you require me to write your name or put any specific logo on the pictures.

    If not, I'm still wondering whether you have a special logo of your design which I can put on the pictures. I think you're brilliant, would definitely like to tell the world about your art by placing your unique logo on the picture (or does the small red square in the corner count as your logo?).

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  6. thanks guys for the comments..and sorry for the late reply and i'll always keep it for sure ^^


    Sure!! just use it!! it's my honor
    ,and yeah ,i use that red stamp stuff as my logo currently. ^_^

  7. It seems so... so big. Like that room is part of a huge ship. The coloring and lighting make it seem so intense, almost as if it was film noir in space. Great great job.


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